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WTP Family, 


WTP has made a change to our Covid 19 Policy. 


As I am sure you have seen, the CDC has updated its guidance to no longer recommend indoor masking in public areas in communities with a low-risk of serious illness (Norfolk County is currently a “low-risk” county based on the new CDC metrics). In addition, the Wellesley Public Schools have updated their mask requirement. With all of this in mind WTP is planning to offer our students and staff the choice of going mask optional starting March 14th. 


With that said, masks will be required based on the following circumstances:


  • For Those returning to class or rehearsal between days 6 and 10 of a Covid-positive diagnosis. 

  • For those who have had a known, prolonged exposure to someone with COVID-19.  

  • Anyone who has or is showing any cold symptoms.   


WTP will continue to require that all enrolled students either (i) be fully vaccinated and up to date on recommended vaccinations/boosters as available for Covid-19 or (ii) submit to a Covid-19 test prior to each entry at WTP. 

For Students who choose the testing option:

  • They will need to arrive 20 minutes early to take a rapid test in their car.

  • Families will be required to cover the cost of testing.

As always we ask that you do not send a sick student to class. Please have a sick child take a covid test prior to sending them to class or rehearsal. In addition, if a family member is ill, we also ask students to stay home from class or rehearsal until the ill family member has seen a doctor, or has received a negative COVID test. Please give us a call or send us an email to let us know. 


We understand that students and families may have different levels of comfort  regarding the decision to wear a mask. We will discuss with our students that this choice will be made with the student and their families, and that we will continue to honor and respect the choices made by all of our community members. 


WTP recognizes that this is an ever changing situation. We will continue to monitor the circumstances and proceed with the best information available as we go forward. 


Thank you for being incredible partners with us and for being an important part of our WTP community. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. 

If circumstances require WTP to move to a virtual format, we are confident that we will be able to do so without disruption. 

Please note that by enrolling in a WTP class or production, you understand that we may have to move to a virtual format. 


See you soon!

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