Audition-Only Touring Group


IMPACT! is WTP's audition-only touring group. IMPACT! has both Junior (2nd-7th Grade) and Senior (8th-12th Grade) Companies who participate in parades, festivals, plays and special musical theatre productions. Auditions for IMPACT! are held twice per year in fall and winter. 

2020-2021 School year Details



During the Fall semester, IMPACT would be working on their competition piece to take to the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, GA. Sadly we will not be attending the festival in-person this year due to COVID. However, we will still be working on a JTF style piece either to be submitted to a virtual JTF OR to have adjudicated virtually by Broadway professionals. Either way, it will allow all of us to continue to practice our techniques for when we return to a full, in-person festival again in the future.


In addition to working on the JTF piece, we will be taking a portion of our time to collaborate together (staff and students) on what WTP can do to support the current movements in our country to acknowledge and fight social injustice. We will be striving to create ways for IMPACT to live up to it's tagline, "Reaching our local and global communities" and grow our work as Citizen Artists.


Since we can not have one large group this Fall working on a JTF piece (due to COVID precautions), we will be splitting IMPACT in half. These two halves will not be "junior" and "senior", just simply half of IMPACT. Placed based on casting. Any student auditioning for IMPACT could be placed in the Wednesday night or the Friday night group (both meeting 7pm-8:30pm). Rehearsals begin Sept 16 or 18 and will conclude on November 18 or 20. We will be making time to hold virtual, social gatherings for both groups to meet together during the semester.


Auditions will be submitted virtually to For the audition, you must submit a video of yourself performing 32 bars (or about 1 minute) of ANY song. This song should be one that best showcases your voice and full performance abilities. Don't forget to act while you sing! The song must be memorized and sung to an accompaniment track.


Lastly, you need to fill out the audition form at this link.


3rd to 12th Grade


Virtual Auditions Week of Sept 7th
(Please see above for audition requirements)


In Person: Wednesdays or Fridays (Depending on Casting)