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Creating high quality, fully realized productions to share with the public will always be a large component of Wellesley Theatre Project. However, the training that earns you those productions is just as important.

WTP offers age-specific training classes after school. Both experienced students and first time actors will hone their skills through the study of improvisation, singing, dancing, stage combat, and overall performance artistry. WTP students will gain a competitive edge when it comes to auditioning for other productions, and most importantly, top notch programs at conservatories and universities across the globe.

Read below for more information on our available classes.

Theatre Arts Classes
Theatre Arts

From preschool through high school, we offer a wide range of programs for both beginners and experienced stage performers - including classes in acting/drama, musical dance theatre, and voice. Students who are interested in pursuing a WTP Production Class are strongly encouraged to enroll in a WTP Acting Class if they have not already done so.

Winter Classes Coming Soon!
Workshops & Master Classes
Workshops & Master Classes

If you can't make one of our semester classes, or if you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area, these classes may be  for you! Class offerings are different for Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, providing lots of opportunity to explore different topics.

Winter Classes Coming Soon!

Students will explore their creativity and expand their acting, singing, and dancing skills.  From audition preparation to Opening Night, all students will learn what it takes to produce a stage show. 

Prerequisite:  Previous enrollment in a WTP production class and/or current or previous enrollment in a WTP Acting, Dance or Workshop class. Students who have been in a WTP production, but who have not taken a WTP Acting Class are strongly encouraged to do so.  At the teacher's discretion, enrollment requirements may be waived. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Winter Classes Coming Soon!
Production Classes
WTP's Audition-Only Touring Group



Experienced students take a performance on the road! Highlights include parades, festivals, plays and musical theatre.*** 

***Preference is given to students enrolled in the program or who have been enrolled in the program recently. 


Please prepare 32 Bars of an upbeat Musical Theatre Number and bring the sheet music (we will provide an accompanist). Wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes or tennis shoes for the dance audition.  


Junior Company

2nd to 6th Grade


Friday, September 7th


Fridays 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Senior Company

7th to 12th Grade


Wednesday, September 5th


Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Summer Camps
summer camp.jpg

Wellesley Theatre Project offers a variety of Summer Camps for all ages! Camps are divided by the age/grade your child is entering in the Fall.

Check back in the Spring to learn about our Summer camps for 2019!

Coming Soon!
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