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Why Parents and Students Love WTP

"A place where I can share my passion... express my love for theatre in full form."


“The fact she may have just found the place that she feels most comfortable is an enormous gift and speaks volumes about what you do beyond creating great actors and actresses. Thank you to…everyone who leads and teaches at WTP  that while their musical theatre talent is incredibly evident, their ability to create an inclusive community is the most valuable talent of all.”

"The culture and environment was supportive yet challenging. The kids really came together and worked hard. The show was impressive - You guys really pulled a great show off in 3 weeks with new kids and a wide variety of ages - We were impressed! Thank you for a great summer experience!”


"I really love this place, it is my total most favorite place to be. If I could be anywhere with anyone, it would be here with you."


“Today I thought about you and tears came to my eyes, recalling moments I struggled to pay for [student’s] classes but you still took her under your arms and you told me "it is fine, how much can you pay”. Today when I look back I am grateful to you and every single person that believed in [student] and all I can say is that she will make all of you proud one day.”


"My son absolutely loved the experience! He made great friends, learned a ton about acting and voice, and about being part of a team. And the end result - WOW! An absolutely fantastic production. The choreography, comedy, singing, acting - all superb!" 

"WTP has been like a second home to me for almost six years. I love everyone here."


“This weekend was our first WTP performance and I just want to say WOW! The kids were absolutely amazing, the production top notch, and it clearly reflects the caliber of training and teaching that your team brings to musical theatre.”




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